Organizing the Freezer

September 25, 2012

Having a to loading freezer is something that bugs me immensely! Everything gets lost in the bottom of it and it's really hard to know what is in there!

Tweedlebud Holly gave me a great idea on how to organize the freezer and keep an itinerary on what is actually in there! So I did it! 

This is what my freezer looked like before.... UGH! It is FULL to the top and I had NO idea what was under all that stuff. 
I had 3 cardboard boxes handy. I planned to sort it all into 3 categories.
As I was pulling things out and sorting them in my boxes, I jotted down what was in there. This was my rough list. 

It is hard to see how organized it is now, but here it is! All the fruit and veg are in the top baskets and the meat is separated into the 3 boxes which fit below.  
Elk and Beef are in the bottom, chicken and pork are beside it and sitting on top is the box with the seafood in it. Other miscellaneous items are on the sides. 
I wrote out my list neatly and taped it to the top of the freezer. Whenever we add something, or take something out, we will change the list accordingly. 

Tweedle Tip: If you are going to use boxes to organize the freezer, do not use plastic as when they are frozen, they can become brittle and crack. Cardboard is your best bet!


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