Thrifting Finds at Art from the Attic

September 03, 2012

This weekend I skipped the garage sales and spent a good amount of time browsing a great second hand sale called Art from the Attic. It's a giant used art sale and all proceeds go to charity. I found 3 great items that are now gracing our walls!

The first one was the fish. I have no idea why I was drawn to this as I'm not usually a fish person. But it looks pretty darn good in our bathrom!

The second thing is this lovely petit point. I am really into embroidery and needlework these days. This one is so well done and I figured that every great homemaker has something like this adoring their walls, whether they did it themselves or not! 
This is where it now sits!
The last one is my favourite. 1940's vintage all the way. I love it when I see a good retro find! 

Aren't they cute?!
And I convinced Tom that it had to hang by our door- the LAST piece of wall space there is in this place!


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