Roasted Tomatoes

October 02, 2012

It's tomato season! If you are like us, you are now busily harvesting pounds and pounds of tomatoes before the frost gets them. I thought of this handy little trick for preserving tomatoes a few years ago and it has become one of our favourite ways to eat tomatoes.

Start with a tray full of tomatoes, cut into same-sized chunks.  
Drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and pop them in a 200 degree (low and slow) for about 4 hours. 
When they come out, they look like this- caramelized and all the flavours concentrated. 
I just put them in containers and either put in the fridge to use right away or in the freezer to save for later. 

They are so darn tasty, you will want to eat your weight it tomatoes!

Here are some ideas for what you could do with them:

- put them in pasta sauces or soups
- add a layer to your lasagna
- toss them with parmesan cheese, basil and pasta for an easy supper
- serve them with a nice crusty bread as an appie (they taste like bruschetta, but better!)
- add them to omelettes or scrambled eggs
- add them to grilled cheese sandwiches


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