Tweedlebud Tanya's Ghostly Treats

October 30, 2012

Today I'm sharing a recipe for some Halloween fun from a new Tweedlebud. Tanya is a teacher that I work with and brought in these little ghosts to show me! They are so cute and tasty too. How fun would they be for a Halloween party??

Large pretzel sticks
Fruit roll ups
White melting chocolate
Chocolate chips (chipettes are best)

1.) Cut a piece of fruit roll-up (approx 10 cm) and wrap around the end of the pretzel stick.
2.) Cut the roll-up on the ends to make it look like a broom.
3.) Spread out the broomsticks on parchment paper
4.) Melt the white chocolate and pour a blob on the stick
5.) Place two chocolate chips on for eyes and let cool
6.) Enjoy your spooky treat.

Tanya makes these for her daughter Clare's class every year and they're always a big hit!


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