Wedding Wednesday-
A Canadian Summer Wedding

October 10, 2012

Hi! I'm Janine and a friend of Miss Tweedle's!

This summer my fiance Wyatt and I got married. He proposed to me on Christmas Day and at first we weren't planning on getting married right away but because I was on maternity leave this year, we decided it would be easier to plan while I had the time off.  I won't say it was easier but I was able to make appointments and run errands during the week which would have been harder if I was working. 

So we decided to get married the August Long weekend and that gave me just over 7 months to plan the wedding. The first decision was the wedding site, and that was an easy one. I chose the beautiful location where my cousins and aunt and uncle were living. They both live on a property close to Windermere, BC, just outside of town. It's got a gorgeous mountain view, grassy field and a big barn where we held the reception. 

It was perfect, but there was some work to be done to get it ready for the wedding. The barn had to be painted, grass cut and some farm stuff moved around but it was exactly what I wanted and it turned out great. We decided to have both the reception and ceremony out there as you were looking right at Mount Swansea and had other amazing views.

Finding the dress was surprisingly easy, I had gone to Cranbrook to Tara's Boutique with my mom, Donna and my sister Gracy to just go try a couple on and get an idea of what style I wanted to find. Well as it turned out the first dress I tried on was THE dress! I tried on 5 more just to be sure but nothing came close so I decided to put a deposit down and we left. It was the same for the bridesmaid dresses. I knew I wanted them all to be in the same dress and we all took a trip to Calgary for a day and found it. The first dress in the first store was perfect. 

I had my three sisters, Emily, Gracy and Jamie, cousin Stephanie and friend Michelle as my bridesmaids. My daughter Quinn was the flower girl. 
For the guest book I knew I didnt want an actual guest book that people would sign and we would put it in a box or it would sit on a bookshelf forever. For Mother's day my cousin got a tree with her kids fingerprints all over it to look like leaves, and I loved it so thats what I decided on and it turned out great!

I also wanted to have something fun for people to do at the reception and photo booths are a big hit. However, I wanted something different so as I was browsing a website called weddinggawker I found exactly what I wanted. My dad and some friends helped me build this photo wall and I got old pictures of family members on their wedding day. We also found an old couch that fit in with it. It was a big hit and everyone seemed to have fun with it. One of my friends is already borrowing the wall for her wedding next summer!

The last thing I'll share are a couple of family keepsakes. The first is the old 1920's Lincoln my uncle owns. I got to drive in it to the wedding site and its the car in our wedding pictures. 

The other is the Cleland knife that we used to cut the cake with that has been used by many of my family members on their special days. (Note: Tweedlebud Holly also used the Cleland knife on her wedding day and so did her parents! It's kind of like a good luck charm for local weddings. Janine is lucky that she comes from the family of the Cleland knife!) 

My wedding day was a hot August day full of all my favourite people. It turned out just how I wanted it! 
Thanks Miss Tweedle for letting me share my day!!


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