Wedding Wednesday- Tweedlebud Holly's Midnight Snack

November 21, 2012

Hi there!

Tweedlebud Holly back again!

For our midnight snack, we wanted something memorable. If you’re anything like Ed and I, we tend to get hungry after a night of celebrating so this was an element I did not want to overlook! There are so many fun ideas for midnight snacks including:

-          Sliders and Fries
-          Milk and Cookies
-          Mini Grilled Cheese on top of shot glasses of Tomato Soup
-          Pizza
-          Taco Bar (with shots of Tequila, of course!)
-          S’more Bar

We thought about the catering options in our small town and the fact that ours was an outdoor wedding and the best idea popped into our minds! A local couple, Roi and KD, had recently started a business called “Israeli Falafel” and have the most amazing street cart serving fresh, delicious falafel. We had been enjoying the yummy meal all summer at our local farmer’s market on Saturdays so we asked them if they would roll up with their cart and serve our guests a surprise midnight snack for our fall wedding, and they were happy to oblige!

We pre-purchased a set amount of falafels and let the guests go wild! My parents have an awesome garden every summer, so we also asked KD & Roi to serve French fries, cut from the garden potatoes.

It was a fun way to personalize our wedding and was definitely a very memorable part of our big day. We had many comments the next day about the surprise snack, with one guest commenting that they were so good he ate three!  

Safta's Kitchen- home of the amazing Columbia Valley felafel have a Facebook page- LIKE THEM! 


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