Mama Tweedle's
Christmas Angel Wall Hanging

December 17, 2012

For many years, this giant Christmas Angel measuring six feet long and three feet wide has hung somewhere in our house over the holiday season.

I sewed it myself from a small black and white illustration that I saved when I was working for a newspaper. The original illustration was used for a newspaper advertisement.

The date on the illustration is 1978, but I kept it in my sewing basket for about fifteen years before I got around to tackling this project.

First I folded the illustration in quarters. Then I drew each quarter, using a pencil, onto a sheet of white tissue paper. That was the hard part.
I taped the four quarters together and used that as the template for my wall hanging.
I knew the backing wouldn't show, so I used an old piece of flowered quilted fabric to keep the whole thing stable.

Then I spent the whole afternoon in a fabric store, choosing pieces of beautiful fabric. That was the fun part.
For the wings, I chose this flowered brocade.
For her golden hair, I chose this shiny gold fabric.

For her dress, I combined three different gold and blue prints. You can see how easily they frayed, so I had to handle them very carefully.

I sewed the background pieces of the sky with my machine, but I cut out and appliquéd each piece of the angel carefully by hand.
I used gold rick-rack for the cross. I used gold thread in the sewing machine to create the rays of light.

I was very worried about how to create her face. Eventually I sewed two pieces of satin back to back, then reversed them right side out. I appliquéd the finished piece by hand.

I did the same thing with the hands. I couldn't sew individual fingers, so it looks like she is wearing gloves!

The Angel is a lovely addition to our holiday decor.
Tweedle Tip: Don't stick to a ready-made pattern, but look for inspiration everywhere. Practically any image that you find appealing can be transferred to fabric with some basic sewing skills.


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