The Tree is Up!

December 03, 2012

Our apartment is so cozy and Christmasy now that the tree is up! I spent Sunday curled up on the couch while it snowed outside, sipping tea under a blanket in front of the tree. Heavenly!

For a wedding shower last year, my friends threw a Christmas Ornament Shower and all the guests brought ornaments for our tree. We have a tree full of sentimental gifts from a special time in our lives. It was really fun to take them all out and think of all the people who gave them to us! I enjoy a tree full of eclectic ornaments rather than a colour themed tree. So much more fun to look at!

My mom gave us this little baking Santa 
Here's one from my Dad- xmas 1992

LOVE this German figure skater!

The pink elephant is from one of the kids I babysat- it sparkled like mad!

Here's one of our wedding favours!

A souvenir from our trip to San Francisco this summer

Got this one in my stocking a few years ago and it's still one of my faves!

What's your favourite ornament?


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