Vintage Christmas Tablecloths

December 04, 2012

This is Vintage Christmas Week in the Tweedle family! We are kicking Christmas off with a sample of Mama Tweedle's vast tablecloth collection. Here are a couple of great thrift store finds from over the years.

This one is interesting with it's Christmas minstrels!

This one and the next 2 came from my grandmother Oma Tweedle in Germany. This one has beautiful Tannenbaum. 

This second one has pinecones and tiny gold stars

And this one has tiny elves that look suspiciously like gnomes. 

And finally, this hand-emroidered holly Christmas doily was made by Nana Tweedle many decades ago. 
Do you have a favourite vintage holiday item? Take a photo and send it to me!

Tweedle Tip: Have a stain removal kit on stand by over the holiday season for quick response to spills. But don't let a few small marks spoil your enjoyment of those Christmas linens!


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