Wedding Wednesday- Tweedlebud Theresa's Christmas Eve Wedding

December 19, 2012

Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year, the lights, the spirit, the endless possibilities for crafting, and now, my anniversary!

We were engaged in the middle of November 2010. My husband suggested a week after our engagement that we have a Christmas wedding (yes, Christmas 2010!). I naturally thought he was insane, wanting to put together a wedding in 5 short weeks. To add to the challenge, it would be in Ontario with my family as we already had a trip planned.   

I knew the venue I wanted, The Breadalbane Inn in Fergus ON. It is a century old building that has a classy atmosphere and outstanding food, two things that were very important to me. The walls inside are old stone so we wouldn’t need much on the decoration front.  

Our ceremony took place on their outdoor patio that is accessed through our reception room. I felt slightly bad for making 30 of my closest friends and family stand outside while we tied the knot. I would have supplied furs for everyone but that was not in our budget. Instead, we served a variety of specialty coffees inside while we did our pictures.

Choosing our colours was easy; red and white. It was Christmas so chances of finding some pretty cheap decorations were pretty good. Having the wedding in Ontario, I wanted the flowers to be portable. I decided to make the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. For the cost of a couple yards of satin and some crafting supplies our flowers were taken care of, (with the help of a few friends).  

I thought it would be great to have ornaments for our favours but I wanted to customize them. To save on cost, I bought a couple yards of custom red ribbon with our names and the date printed on them, I then strung them onto snowflake ornaments. We also gave out custom single serving hot chocolate packs.

Our centerpieces were small vases with red and white ribbon with poinsettias in them. I used cute gift tags with our guest’s names on them for the name cards on the table.

Our cake was a delicious white cake with strawberry filling. The icing was white with white snowflakes completed with a red ribbon.

Red and white is not hard right?  Unless you are a man. I dropped my husband of at the suit store only to return an hour later to find him in all blue! I was informed that red and white were my colours and his colour was blue. After a brief discussion with the salesman, Jason would only be shown items that were either red or white. (He did sneak in a blue tie for his best man). 

My dress had to be off the rack because of our limited time. Luckily I found a great one in only about 15 minutes! The sparkles were a perfect fit for a snowy wedding. I also found the perfect head piece. It was a definitely my splurge item, but every bride should have at least one! Okay, two, I also splurged on white boots; that is self explanatory, I had to do it! I also made a faux fur wrap to keep me warm for the ceremony. 

My sister was maid of honour and I left it to her to pick out her own dress, it just had to be red. I think she did an awesome job, she looked beautiful!

I was very happy with the wedding, (especially the getting married part!) 5 weeks of business and planning were all worth it! I could not think of a better way to spend Christmas Eve. Now, to trash the dress, but that is for another time!


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