The Tweedles' Laundry Room

January 18, 2013

Some of you may not get a thrill from this kind of thing, but let me tell you... now that we have a beautifully organized laundry room, I can't stop going in there and staring at the whole 40 sq ft of bliss with my hands on my hips and smiling.

The whole thing took us a weekend to complete. Previously we had used the room for storage (aka- a place where we "hid/tossed" anything we didn't have a place for) and did our laundry upstairs in Nana Tweedle's place. We finally decided to break down and buy our own washer and dryer and now I don't know why we didn't do it sooner.

We spent an afternoon cleaning out the storage room- packing things we didn't use all the time in boxes, making a huge pile of things to donate to the local thrift store and consolidating all our junk and putting it away in its actual home. When that was done Mr. Tweedle painted the room with a pale grey colour as the room was a light peach and pretty banged up from having boxes and junk thrown at it for a number of years.

Painting alone made it look a 100 times better! Mr. Tweedle installed our washer and dryer and we bought the shelving from Home Hardware and installed it in about an hour. Then I spent a GLORIOUS afternoon taking all my bedding and towels out of rubbermaid bins where they previous resided and folded them neatly and placed them on the shelving. I was practically giddy with delight at the sight of a REAL, ORGANIZED space for my beloved sheets and towels to sit! AND there is a place for the iron! AND there is room to hang clothing to dry- it doesn't have to be draped all over the bedroom! AND there is EXTRA ROOM! What a concept!

The way I was talking you probably thought it was the greatest laundry room you had ever seen, didn't you? When you go from rubbermaid bins to this, it's pretty darn GREAT!


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  1. TweedleBud Lainey18 January 2013 at 23:03

    Looks great, Tweedles! Happy laundry!


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