Nursery Inspiration- Turquoise, Sky Blue and Canadian Wildlife

February 05, 2013

Obviously my head has been spinning for WEEKS thinking about the fun I am going to have decorating Baby Tweedle's nursery. I spend lots of my free time browsing ideas on the web and have found lots of things that I love.

We are in the midst of doing a renovation on our suite. You may remember the apartment tour I gave you a while ago. There is no room for a baby in our current suite, so thankfully Nana Tweedle has agreed to let us expand our basement suite into her beloved storage area (think: LOTS of moving, shaking and trips to the dump!) and build a whole extra bedroom. Mr. Tweedle and I will have the new room (pictures of the progress coming soon!) and the baby will move into our room.

I can't get started on the nursery until we finish our reno, but it is coming along nicely thanks to lots of "encouraging" and "reminding" of our timeline from yours truly.

This is my most favourite nursery that I have found. Becuase we are not finding out the sex of our baby, I need to be sure to come up with something gender neutral. This one looks a little girly to me, but I am using the wall colour and furniture as some of my inspiration. 
When you think of blue, you always think BOY, but I am envisioning a turquoise and sky blue gender neutral nursery. I absolutely LOVE all the nurseries that are posted on the blog Lay Baby Lay, where this one is from. They are always classy with mixes of vintage and modern. I got the idea of doing a gender neutral blue from this post. However, I am going to stick to more muted blue tones than the cobalt blue she uses.

These are some childhood books that my family had. I am using the animals and the colours as inspiration. I just love all the names of the animals and the beautiful vintage covers. I plan to scan, print and frame some of the covers as some art for the nursery. We are going to do an animal theme, but I don't want to go too "themey". I want to focus mostly on the colours and add touches of Canadian wildlife here and there. 

Here are my fabric inspirations as of late. I LOVE looking at fabric on Etsy and I am constantly saving swatches and favouriting new pieces. As I said, I am going for turquoise and sky blue, with touches of the wildlife theme here and there. My favourite fabric right now is the fox one in the middle. I also love the animals in the top right corner, but it doesn't really go with the colour scheme. I am trying to think of a way to incorporate it. Most of these swatches are from the shop Fabricbubb.

Lastly, if I could get my hands on one of these "Joya Rockers" I would be in heaven, but they are pretty pricey (899$) for my budget. I keep thinking of how I could justify buying it- it would look nice in a living room later.... don't you think? I  can just picture it with a white dresser and crib and a cute little embroidered animal pillow on it!!! For now I will stick to scouring Kijiji and Craigslist for second hand wannabes... :(

I am planning to sew my own crib bedding and change pad cover. I am going to make a quilt for the baby as well as embroider some cute animals for some wall decor. I'm on the lookout for a couple of throw pillows, but might end up sewing those also. I can't wait to get started on all of it! Stay tuned for the progress!

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