Baby Tweedle- Week 20

March 20, 2013

We are away from home right now, down in Vancouver having our city fix while I am on school spring break. I have enjoyed shopping for fabric and other things for the baby's room, as well as look at all the adorable baby clothes!

How far along? 20 Weeks
Stretch marks? None yet. HOPING for a stretch mark free 40 weeks!
Sleep: Staying up a little later, much to Mr. T's delight! We can finally spend some time together in the evenings because I am not going to bed at 8pm!
Best moment this week: We saw the doctor for our 20 week check up and the ultrasound was all good/normal/heathly!
Movement: Baby is on the move! I don't feel it a lot, but if I lay still I can usually feel a little something. 
Looking forward to: Painting and sewing for the nursery!

In case you missed this on Instagram (@misstweedle) ... here is my old friend Lindsay and I toasting to both our pregnancies with a fake Beck's beer. She is 29 weeks pregnant in this picture, although you can't tell in this pic!


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