March 08, 2013

Hello Tweedlefans!

I am sorry the posting has been at a minimum lately. I have had good intentions to post more, but currently all my energy has been taken up by 2 things. 1- scouring the internet for nursery ideas and baby stuff and 2- keeping the dust storm in our apartment under control.

The drywallers have been working this week and let me tell you... those guys... although they are doing a great job... don't care about vacuuming, dusting, wiping things or just trying to keep things clean in general. Every day I get home and a fine layer of dust is covering the ENTIRE apartment, from kitchen faucet to remote control to my slippers on the floor under the coffee table! This weekend will be spent de-dusting this place because they will be finished tomorrow!

I will have some reno updates for you next week as we will painting this weekend! Yay! The sooner we move our room into the new room, the sooner the nursery fun begins!

Spring break is in a week and we are heading to Vancouver to enjoy some city things like eating in good restaurants and some serious shopping. I have a long list of things I want to look for, but I will be happy if I come back with fabric for our bedroom curtains and some throw pillows for our bedroom. I am planning to order the fabric for the crib bedding from Etsy as soon as we get the crib and I assess the size, etc.

Anyway, I have many a homemaking project to share with you as well as some great baby posts from Tweedlebuds that are in the works. I just have to get this dust thing under control first! Seriously!

In the meantime, here are a few links to feast your eyes on during your weekend web browsing if you are interested....

Bunny Bait, enough said.

Pretty nursery. I especially like the quilted crib pillows.

Cute Pillows. I may have to recreate some of these!

PS- Did you hear Kate made a slip up and may have revealed that the royal baby will be a GIRL?!


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