Nursery Colours Confirmed!

March 28, 2013

Remember the fox fabric that I loved way back when I showed you the post about my nursery ideas? Well, I ordered just one meter of it from a shop on Etsy and have been modelling my entire colour scheme after it. I took it with me on my trip to Vancouver and brought it with me everywhere I went in order to try and find things that would match it.

I managed to score some cute matching fabrics to go with it and drum up some ideas for our animal theme. I am making some cute little pillows for the crib and chair in the nursery with animals on the front as well as embroider some animals onto the quilt I am making for the crib. I have a few ideas for artwork for the walls as well, but I will show you that later.

Here are the animal designs that I sketched. I am making pillow covers for one of each and going to appliqué and embroider the animals on with felt. 
Here is the first pillow in the works! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to do this!
Here is all my fabric, including the beloved fox fabric. I have already begun on the quilt. I just love the pale turquoise/minty green colour. I hope it will be just as girly as it will be suitable for a baby boy!
Here is the beginning of my quilt. I am going to embroider the same animals on the white squares  to match the pillows. 
I also got a whole whack of minky in the same turquoise colour. I will use it for the back of my quilt and if I have enough, I might even make crib bumpers with it. The ribbon is for the bumper ties and I am not sure what I will use the other embellishment for!


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