Tweedlebud Megan's Sun Bonnets are back!

March 25, 2013

Hi Again! Tweedlebud Megan here! 

Remember the sun hats I posted way back in July?

I figured that since it’s officially spring I better get my act in gear and get back to bonnet making. I find half the battle in getting a project done is getting it cut out, for me there’s much more motivation when all the pieces are ready to go!! These bonnets certainly take the cake for cutting out time! Each hat has 8 pieces and 30 hats.....that’s a lot of cutting! I spent the last week getting them cut out while Olivia napped or in the evening and am finally ready to get sewing!! 

Here’s a peak at what’s in store! 

These are really the perfect sun hat!! Babies can’t get them off, they don’t fall down over their eyes, and they're reversible!! What could be better?! If you are interested in a hat leave me a message in the comments with your email! S (0-6 months) M (9-14months) and L (15-24 months)- sizes approximate depending on head sizes. Each one is $25! 

Tweedle Tip: In order to leave a comment, click on the pink writing in the box directly below this post that says "comments". This will open a box where you can type and leave a comment. There is a box that says "comment as" which gives a list of options in order for you to choose a way for me to be able to identify you (and ensure the comment is not spam). Choose "Name/URL" and simply leave your name. You can also contact Megan for sun hats by emailing me at or leaving a message on the Miss Tweedle facebook page. 



  1. I love the bonnets, Megan! I will order one in a few months for our first grandchild after he or she is born.

  2. Hi Megan! I am definitely interested, I have a son who is currently 6 months old. My email address is These look awesome, and I am particularly interested in the part where "babies can't get them off" :)


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