Baby Tweedle- Week 24

April 17, 2013

I am finding that the questionnaire, although easy for me to do, might be getting a little monotonous, so I am just going to write a little something instead. 

I am almost through the second trimester which is hard to believe. I remember it seeming like FOREVER to get to 12 weeks and now already another 12 has passed. School continues to be as busy as ever and next week I will start "coaching" my class for their first track and field meet as T&F starts in Grade 3. This should be fun, seeing as on a good day, I am terrible at most sports, let alone when I resemble baby beluga! We will begin with "ball throw", so if you would like a laugh, come watch me try and demonstrate! On that note, just in the past week, I have noticed my belly really getting in the way of things. Especially things like putting on socks, bending over to pick something up or squatting down to help my students at their desks. 

Overall, I feel pretty good, aside from a cold I have this week, which isn't much fun when you can't take dayquil and get on with things! My back has started to get sore if I sit in an upright position for more than about 10 minutes, but laying down or standing up have been fine. I don't have any swelling or other common pregnancy ailments as of yet!

We finally moved into our new bedroom on the weekend and it's HEAVENLY! It's crisp and clean and the carpet is soft and my clothes are nicely arranged in MY OWN closet. I LOVE it. There are a few little jobs still to do and then I will post the big reveal! I am so happy with how it turned out. This weekend we'll start on the nursery which I will post updates on as well. Painting is step one this Saturday. 

I am still craving sweets of all kinds, but have tried to limit the amounts of goodies I eat just to try and keep my weight gain under control and limit the amount of sugar the baby has, but it has been hard. 

I hope you all have a great week! 


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