How to Make a Throw Pillow Cover

April 08, 2013

As you know, I have been working our baby's nursery and last week I finished the animal pillows I was making. I picked up some white corduroy and appliquéd the animals that I designed onto each piece I cut out for a pillow. Making the pillow cover was a VERY simple sewing project that anyone could do. It didn't require any measuring, fancy cutting or stitching. Pillows are a great way to change the look of a room or add that little extra something that was missing. 

First, cut your pillow fabric so that it is 2 and a half times as long as your pillow and about 2 inches wider than it. 
Fold over both ends about 1/2 an inch and iron them to keep them in place.  
Sew a straight stitch along the ironed ends. 
Test to see if all your ballpark measurements are correct. The fabric should wrap around the front of the pillow and overlap itself at the back.  
Lay your fabric out right sides together folded as it will be when it is sewn. 

All I did was lay it out and place the pillow on top to test for size. You don't want the cover to be the exact same size as the pillow because you have to account for the pillow filling out the cover and puffing it up a bit. You want to make the cover just slightly bigger than your pillow.  
Pin the pillow cover together on both sides. You will sew through all the layers of fabric at once and you really don't want them to shift at all so it is important to pin first. 
Put a pin in the spot where you want your seam to start as a marker. 
And do the same on the other side. 
Here it is after it has been sewn. Now all you have to do is....
Turn it right side out... and...
Stuff the pillow in it! 
And voila!
The whole project took me only about an hour, plus the time it took me to appliqué- I'll do a post on that another time!


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