Miss Tweedle's Baby Clothes

April 01, 2013

Among many baby things Mama Tweedle packed away and saved was a box full of my baby clothes and blankets. Most of the ones saved were handmade by relatives and are just as adorable as they were way back when!

Blankies knitted by my dad's aunt- they still look as good as new!
This is an apron that was Mama Tweedle's when she was young! It is hand painted.  

A silk dress that I wore on a vacation to Hawaii
There is even a picture of me wearing it displayed in Mama Tweedle's kitchen!

Nana Tweedle was always knitting for her grandchildren and I remember always loving her sweaters. I think I had one for every season of every year! 

This puppy blanket was made by my Auntie Heather Tweedle- my dad's sister. She sure did a great job!
I am so glad all this stuff was kept! What fun it was to look back at it all. It will be even more fun to see Baby Tweedle using some of it!


  1. Something about this post just makes me so happy =) I especially love the box of blankets! I have one blanket my dad made when I was a baby and it is the most-used blanket in the house!


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