Tweedlebud Melinda's Coffee Table DIY

April 15, 2013

Hello Tweedles! I hope all is well wherever your end is… I woke up to four inches of snow today. Needless to say, I will be impressed with myself if I eventually get up the nerve to leave my bed. Thinking warm thoughts. 
Almost one year ago I took the big-girl plunge and moved by myself into a little apartment. Total ecstasy! However, I had spent the past five years living with people who owned furniture, and other than my bedroom things, I had nothing else to my name. Thankfully, I’ve got a great group of friends – I managed to gather everything I needed thanks to their donations and patience (early morning garage sales). In order to get my apartment looking less like some deranged squatters hole, I’ve painted and touched up everything. 
This piece used to be a filing cabinet from my dad’s desk.  

He cut a top for it so that I could use the cabinet as a coffee table. I went around first with some wood filler and made sure all of the little nicks and holes were covered up. 

Because I live on the edge of danger (and had no other option), I painted the cabinet in my living room. Squeezy. There are two coats of primer and then two coats of this gun-shot-grey acrylic paint. 
It took about a week for all of the painting, because I wanted to make sure each coat was super dry before applying the next. 

Rather than paint the top, I covered it with this funky fabric. It was really easy – just pulled the liner and fabric over the sides and glued them down (I don’t have a staple gun, so I used hot glue and so far I’ve got no complaints). 

Ta-da! Now I’ve got this one-of-a-kind coffee table! The best thing is, I’ve got a place to stuff all of my blankets. And, if I have a lot of people over I can use the table as extra seating because it’s got the comfortable liner underneath. Win win. 



  1. Awesome table. And to think your father wanted to throw it in the dump. Way to go!

  2. Awesome table! And to think your father wanted to throw it in the dump. Way to go!


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