Bedroom Reno Update!

May 03, 2013

Finally! We are all moved into our new room and have enjoyed it immensely so far! It is everything I dreamed of and more! It's big and clean and comfy and very own BIG closet is heavenly!

Here's some of the update pictures:

I think you last saw it when it was at this stage- drywallers working....

Sanding galore... priming galore....

...which led to DUST galore!...
AHHHH! Will and Kate did not approve and neither did I!
I LOVE sanding!

We chose to do the navy blue accent wall and it turned out great. 
Closet doors are hung!

I lost steam there on the picture taking... but after the painting was done, Mr. Tweedle hung the trim and then we had the carpet installed and it was done!

Things are coming together nicely!
I got my throw pillows from ElemenOPillows on Etsy
There are still a few jobs to do... hang some of our art, etc.  

All of our little projects turned out so well. The mirrored closet doors which we did ourselves make the room so much brighter than our old bedroom and help add light to the basement suite. Stay tuned for the DIY post on those! I hope you enjoyed the tour!


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