Baby Burp Cloths

June 03, 2013

After years of babysitting and nannying and talking endlessly to other mamas, I have a few ideas up my sleeve of things that will be useful to have for the baby and things that are a waste. I remember the mother who I nannied for using burp cloths for EVERYTHING. They aren't too big and bulky, you can carry 1-2 around easily, they act as a rag for clean ups, a blankie, a changing pad, an extra wipe if you need one and most importantly for burping the baby and catching all that spit up that tends to occur!

The ones that she had were kidney shaped and fit perfectly over your shoulder when you were holding the baby. I find that using a blanket for this works, but the blanket falls off and its just too big to comfortably drape over your shoulder and manoeuvre a baby at the same time!

I figured I could easily make these burp cloths and picked up a bunch of flannel on sale recently. They turned out great!

First cut your flannel into a long rectangular piece. I did mine 20x9 inches. 

Fold the pieces in half...

And create your "pattern". I drew one directly onto my fabric and then used the first piece to trace all the others. 

I used white flannel for one side and patterned for the other. 

Due to my precise pattern and cutting, some of the pieces didn't match up exactly! I just trimmed the white to size. 

Place fabrics wrong sides together and sew them together all the way around. I sewed mine with 1/2 inch seams. 

In order to finish the edges, I snipped mine and will let them fray over time. This is much easier than sewing a finished edge. (If I did that, I would have to sew them once, turn right side out and sew again, which was too much for baby spit up!)

In order to do this, you just snip your raw edges around the entire perimeter about every 1/2 inch and be careful not to snip into your seams at all. After a few washings, it will be frayed much more and the edge will look "decorative" :)
As you can see, it's the perfect shape and size to throw over your shoulder!



  1. What a mess with threads hanging all over the place. Stitch around it and than turn right side out and stitch again. Putting a layer of batting or flannel inside will keep it from leaking and give it more body.

  2. sew wrong sides together, leave a gap to pull it back through to turn the correct sides back out, then sew up the gap. Look way nicer!

  3. I make them the same way,and everyone I make them for love them.

  4. What about using terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other?


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