Baby Tweedle- Week 35

June 26, 2013

How far along? 35 Weeks
Maternity clothes? I actually wore maternity jeans this week as a change from the usual uniform of leggings! It wasn't all that bad....  
Stretch marks? None, but everyone still looks at me and says I "have lots of room to grow"- sure doesn't feel like it to me!
Sleep: Been sleeping fine, but due to some recent back issues, I'm only supposed to sleep on my left side, which has taken some getting used to.
Best moment this week: I didn't have a lot of good moments this week due to a REALLY sore back making me seriously cranky!

Miss Anything? It has really started to feel like I will never be "normal" again- I can hardly remember what it is like to have a flat stomach, be able to jump up and run into another room, roll over or get out of bed without grunting and straining, or be able to walk without waddling and thundering across the floor! I miss being able to do all those things!
Movement: A ton of movement and some more Braxton Hicks. I am interested to find out how the baby is positioned. The feet stick into my right side sometimes and sometimes they are up much higher. I also feel a round hard lump up at the top of the bump a lot of the time which I think is the bum, or maybe it could be a knee? 
Food cravings: Cravings have slowed down. I still enjoy sweets, but I'm not ravenous for them like I was before. Eating in general isn't all that much fun these days as EVERYTHING gives me heartburn.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular, but I find it hard to decide what I would like to eat. I don't have a lot of motivation to cook for myself and with Tom away there has been a lot of all day snacking as opposed to meals.
Gender: I don't know! We still haven't settled on names for either gender and I have been tossing out some of our favourites all of a sudden! I went through a phase this week where I have started to really not care about what the gender is as long as there is nothing wrong with the baby. There is so much anxiety these last few weeks about the anticipation of it all coming to the main event! I just hope everything goes well and we get to leave with a perfectly normal and healthy baby! 

Labor Signs: Just the odd Braxton Hicks, but no major signs. 
Symptoms: I visited the chiropractor yesterday to find out what was happening with the right side of my lower back- for about 10 days it has been seriously painful when I put weight on my right foot and walking has been a painful chore. I had a few meltdowns about it thinking I would have to be sitting down for a whole month, but got some relief and some ideas on how to help things. There is a joint that has locked up a bit where my pelvis meets the base of the spine. Luckily I only have 3 days of work and will be able to rest it a lot more in the coming weeks!
Belly Button in or out? Sticking out a tiny bit!!!
Wedding rings on or off? Mostly off, but it depends on the day. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: A bit moody this week, but still happy and excited for all the things that will be happening in a matter of weeks!
Looking forward to: Being finished work in a few days!


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