Guest post from Melissa of "Life as an Expat"

June 07, 2013

 You may remember my friends Owen and Melissa. We attended their wedding in Sonoma last summer. We were both thrilled to find that the Melissa and I are due with our first babies just 2 weeks apart. However, I'm sad that they live all the way over in SINGAPORE and we don't get to see each other or talk very often. I have enjoyed following Melissa's pregnancy updates through her blog "My Life as an Expat" and on her Instagram account. She is pretty funny and she posted this list that I could definitely relate to. Like me, she reads a lot of books and is always finding out new and interesting things about babies and pregnancy that she never knew before. 

Here's what she says: 
I had no idea about babies or even anything about being pregnant at the beginning. I've had a lot of surprising moments in the last few months. Here are a few things I've learned:
  • You can't just eat anything you want.What!? Yeah, there's a big list of no-nos for pregnancy like soft cheeses, deli meats, poached eggs, pre-made salads, rare meat, certain types of fish, sushi, etc. I've never been a picky eater so it was really hard to be a picky eater when eating out. 
  • It's not weird when people start rubbing your belly. I was a little worried about this one, but for some reason it's not that weird. It doesn't even feel like your stomach anymore, it's stretched out and not really "you". 
  • It's also not weird when the baby starts kicking. Which is weird that it's not weird. At first it just feels like gas, then it feels like strong gas, then it's like Mummy Tummy gas, then it's like an alien is kicking inside you. But since it doesn't really feel like your stomach anymore, it's not that weird at all. 
  • I know why pregnant women rub their own belly. I was really wondering about this one. You know how you see a pregnant lady and she's occasionally rubbing her own belly? Well, I found myself doing this and now I know why. At first, I wanted people to know I'm pregnant. You don't just rub your beer gut, so I would rub it when people would give me that look of "Is she...?" Now I find myself rubbing my belly because it itches. If I sit there scratching, it looks a bit funny but if I just rub it when it itches, fewer people stare. 
  • Everyone gets out of your way and wants to help. This especially applies to men. I love being at work and everyone will help me carry things, open doors, etc. I can't carry more than a book and people will ask if they can help. 
  • "Eat like a baby, act like an old lady" I really like this advice from our doc and it's true! I feel so much better when I eat small meals all day long and go slow. You can't just do everything you normally do, and you have to slow down. 
  • Your body changes in bizarre ways. Like really really bizarre. Like your ribs are being stretched apart and the ligaments in your hips are becoming detached from your body.


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  1. Congratulations and good luck, Melissa!


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