Tweedlebud Melissa's Nursery Art Project

June 24, 2013

If you're pregnant with your first baby, you probably feel guilty you should make something for the baby's room. I'm sure you've already searched through pinterest and are immediately intimidated by all the crazies with too much time on their hands  crafty moms out there. Not to worry, you can create a cute baby project with limited fine motor skills. First, find something you like on and completely copy their idea. Don't feel bad about this. They are basically asking you to steal borrow their idea when they want to charge $140 for a 5cm x7cm painting for a baby's room. Decide on what colours you want to use, I started with the sheets I bought. 

Originally, I thought I would paint something but then remembered what happened when I tried to draw a horse on the board for my Grade 2 students and the endless mocking laughter that followed. They just didn't let that go. SO instead, I decided to do something different. I painted the canvas first. Make sure you remember to paint outside, you're pregnant and can't be sniffing those fumes! Also, remember that you live on the 11th floor and it's quite windy. Use acrylic paint, unless you are trying to impress everyone know what you're doing. 

Then cut out a few shapes from some scrap paper. Draw the pictures using a pencil on the opposite side of the paper so you can make as many mistakes as you want. Make the pictures very simple because your cutting skills are limited simple designs look best in a baby's room. 

Next, take a break. You've been working way too hard. 

Use Mod Podge and a sponge brush to apply the paper cut outs to the canvas. Yes, this is the stuff you use for paper mache. It's basically glorified watered-down glue. Use lots, and paint with it over the paper to make sure the ends stay down. Coat the entire picture with it, and make sure it's fairly even. However, this is dummy-proof so you really can't screw it up too badly. 

After it's dry, use a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon to the back to hang the picture. Nevermind the pizza in the background. Also, make sure your picture is not upside down when you are gluing on the ribbon. But just in case you glue it upside down, it can be removed very quickly before the glue dries. 

Congrats! You have completed your picture. Don't worry if you immediately notice the imperfections, just remember it's for a baby who will most likely never even be aware of the decor in his room. You have enough to worry about, like labor and breastfeeding. Now go enjoy that slice of pizza and make sure your partner rubs your feet because you have been working so hard to grow a baby. 



  1. Haha, Melissa, that was hilarious! PLus the pictures are really cute, too.

  2. Love it Mel......wishing we were closer as your day gets closer. Thanks for sharing Ms Tweedle - hope to run into you one of these days now that school is finito!


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