Baby Tweedle- Week 37

July 10, 2013

Finally full term! Baby Tweedle has been in there for 37 weeks with 3 more to go until the due date!! I can remember it taking forever to get to 12 weeks and then 20 weeks and then 30 weeks and now we are almost at 40 weeks! Eeeek! At the doctor this week, she confirmed that the baby has "dropped" which I figured had happened as I am feeling a lot more pressure down lower now. It also looks lower when I look in the mirror and I can feel that the baby's bum is lower than it used to be. It used to touch my ribs and now there is space there! :))

I have been really enjoying being off work and putting my feet up a little, although I seem to have lots to do every day. Yesterday I was finishing my baby quilt which is the LAST project I had to do before posting about the nursery. I am also working on "banking" some blog posts to have on hand for those weeks when Baby Tweeds is first here! I've done lots of visiting with friends- coffee dates and walks and beach visits and I have also baked and cooked a few things to put in the freezer.

Overall I am feeling good and happy, but I still can't comprehend that I am going to go through labour and have a baby in a matter of weeks. I just can't visualize the baby or myself holding it and nursing it and showing it off! It doesn't seem real and maybe it won't until it actually happens. The long road to the baby's birthday always seemed like it was so far off that it's hard to believe it is so close.

This week I also washed and folded and put away all the baby clothes and blankets and sheets. Mr. Tweed and I installed the car seat into our vehicle and the last baby thing I need to do is pack the bag for the hospital. I still have no idea whether the baby is a boy or a girl... and we have yet to solidify a name for either gender!

Until week 38.... Baby Tweedle says hi! :))


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  1. Looking gorgeous Miss Tweedle!! You're so close - can't wait to meet this little babe :)


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