Mama Tweedle's Nursery Project-
Recovering a Basinette

July 01, 2013

Miss Tweedle picked up this cute Moses basket in a stand from kijiji. Although it was in excellent condition, the colours didn’t match her décor, so I offered to remake it.

I started by sanding the wooden stand lightly, and priming the dark wood with what is supposedly the best primer on the market, called Kilz.

I finished with three coats of semigloss in my favourite tint of white, called Martha Stewart’s “Fine White.” I have used this tint for every white painting project in the past ten years.

Since we live in a very dry climate, the paint dries quickly, but I allowed twenty-four hours between each coat to be on the safe side.

While shopping for fabric, I picked up a twin-sized, 100-percent cotton sheet, also by Martha Stewart, on sale for six dollars! Miss Tweedle and I found it at Macy’s on a weekend trip to Spokane. I didn’t want to sew an elaborate cover like the one that existed, so I decided to make a “throw” that would cover the basket. I washed and ironed the sheet first, then cut out a shape big enough to fit the inside of the basket and hang down over the edges.

I did a simple machine hem around the edges.

Then I marked where the handles should fit through, cut a slit on each side with a pair of scissors, and hand-whipped the edges of the slit. The hand-stitching wasn’t difficult and took about forty-five minutes.

I found that the existing cushion was a little too small, so I purchased batting, measured the bottom of the basket and cut a piece of batting to fit.

Using the sheet remnants, I cut out two oval shapes. With right sides together, I pinned and machine-stitched them, going around the edges twice but leaving a hand-sized gap to stuff the batting inside.

The batting went in easily, and I whip-stitched the gap shut.

Here is the finished product, all ready for Baby Tweedle!

Tweedle Tip: When looking for fabric for a sewing project, don’t forget to check the linens in department stores. The fabric is often good quality, with attractive patterns, and annual “white sales” can yield some great prices.


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