Preparing for Baby Tweedle-
Some "Light" Reading

July 22, 2013

The day I finished at the doctor after finding out I was pregnant, I went to our local book store to look at what pregnancy books were available. Although there is a lot of good information on the internet, I felt like I needed tried and true source in my hands immediately to start reading up on what I was in for. Throughout my pregnancy, I have read many books about being pregnant, labour, and of course, what happens when the baby comes. All of them have been informative and interesting and helpful and I know so much more having read them. Before experiencing pregnancy myself, I had always listened intently when other mothers talked about their babies and pregnancies and remembered a few key points, but didn't quite know when and how exactly these things were to happen to me. It has been nice to have all these great resources to refer to without having to wait to ask the doctor.

I have read 8 out of 11 books so far- the remaining 3 I plan to get to eventually when needed!

1. This was the book I bought that day at the bookstore. I referred to it constantly. It went over  many practical and common questions expecting mothers have and answered them in great detail. I also liked that it outlined month by month what the baby is doing in there! It was easy to read and well organized and I felt like the information was true and helpful. 
2. This is a GREAT book. It is quite funny and it tells you things how they really are. The author talks to you like she is one of your girlfriends describing some of the gross things that will go on as well as the weird and wonderful! She answered those questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask anyone. It is really worth the read. 
3. This is the sequel to the book above- also hilarious and informative at the same time. 
4. This book was recommended to me by a friend and I referred to it many times as well. It outlines many symptoms that you might encounter and what natural remedies you can try for causes and relief. Because you can't take any traditional medications while pregnant, it helped to figure out other forms of treatment for headaches, colds, etc. It also outlines some great natural tips to help during labour. 
5. This book was given to me from a friend along with several other books. I had heard about it, but didn't think it was a book that would interest me, just because, I have to admint, I never really got things like home births and doulas, etc. It took me a while to read this as it was a bit bogus at times- suggesting that you create birth art during labour (as if I am going to be painting a picture of my crotch during labour!) and other things that I just couldn't wrap my head around. But in the end, there were a lot of helpful pain relief tips and it was quite empowering reminding women to tell themselves that they CAN do it. 
6. This is the book that all expectant couples receive from their doctor. It is free and VERY informative. It was actually the ONLY book I read that explicitly outlined the stages of labour and what to expect. It gives you important information about what will happen in hospitals in BC and how things will typically go. I found this book extremely useful and helpful. 
7. This book is written as a novel- Anne Lamott is a famous author who published her diary form her last weeks of pregnancy until her son turned one. It was quite funny. I really enjoyed hearing the real day to day story from a mother.  
8. Throughout my pregnancy I have not been worried about the labour more than I have been worried about breastfeeding. I have heard many stories about it being painful and hard and demanding and that the baby won't latch and that it takes months to get it figured out, etc etc! I read a lot of reviews for books about breastfeeding and decided on this one. It's safe to say that this book has dispelled many of my fears about it all. It is quite long, but it covers more than just the method of HOW to do it, but answers ANY breastfeeding question you may have from introducing other food, using formula, weaning, etc. 
The next 3 books I have not read yet, but have been given to me by various mothers that I trust. Another big worry of mine was the whole sleeping thing. I know myself well enough to know that I really DO NOT do well with a lack of sleep. I get irritable and headaches and feel sick to my stomach if I so much as miss a night or 2 of my regular 9-11 hours. I know that my whole sleeping schedule is about to change drastically and I am going to cope with it as best I can, but one thing that helps me deal with change is to be as informed as I can about what may happen and tips on how to deal. The following 3 books are all to help with sleep training and sleepless nights. I will let you know how things go!


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