The Nursery Reveal-
Change Table and Change Pad Covers

July 30, 2013

In honour of Baby Tweedle's due date THIS WEEK- today actually!!!!, I am posting EVERYDAY to bring you the nursery I keep bragging about!

As you can see, I followed lots of Tweedlebud Megan's tips. We bought this dresser from Ikea (the same dresser I use in our bedroom) and we are using it as the change table. We are also using a garbage can, like Megan does, with a removable insert that we can just dump out when it fills up. This one advertises that it is odour free, but I guess we'll see if it stands up to baby poop! We might have to move it to the bathroom later. 
This change pad cover is just a king sized pillowcase. Megan said it would work and it does! I bought a set of 2 at Walmart for $12 and I couldn't believe how well it fit onto the change pad. I'm now keeping my eye out for king sized pillow cases on the cheap everywhere! 

All I had to do with it was fold the excess inside itself like this and it looks just like any other $30 change pad cover you can buy!

However, I did have to buy one "real" cover. Look at this fabric!! It was just too perfect for my theme and I caved and got it on Etsy from iviebaby- the same shop where I ordered my crib sheet. 

Inside the top drawer of the dresser, we have organized (just like Megan! :)) our diapers and cloths and little baby things into fabric dividers from Ikea. I am also going to plan to use cloths as bum wipes, but as you can see, I have wipes on hand too! 
I am also using the same fabric dividers for the baby clothing too. It's so little that it just gets lost in the drawer! I have the onesies and little pants sorted by size here. Newborn stuff on the left and going bigger from there. 



  1. I use also us "cloths as bum wipes." I wet them and keep them in a wipe warmer, it keeps them wet (and warm)right at the diaper changing station.

  2. So precious! Love that dresser, it is so organized. Love the wall color!

  3. Nice job on the nursery - it looks lovely! That fabric on the change cover is gorgeous (I MUST go check out that shop now!).

    New reader here, looking forward to reading more - hope your bubba is here soon for you :)

    luana @


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