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July 12, 2013

Hi - Tweedlebud Lisa here! This is my first post, so I will introduce myself a bit.

I am married to a great guy and we are raising two boys under the age of 3 (more posts about "How to brew the perfect cup of coffee", "Tackling the right shade of under eye concealer" - and last but not least - "Who needs sleep anyways?" are yet to come).

My post secondary schooling educated me to become an interior designer. For some reason people come up to me ALL the time and want me to select paint colours and fabric for their curtains ...(please don't)... this is the sort of thing that interior DECORATORS do. An interior designer is taught to design floor plans and electrical plans (for the most part). Through drafting and rendering I can create, and illustrate, interior spaces. It is extremely fun and it allows me to be very creative. It sounds simple but it does take a lot of vision (and sticking to the building codes)! At work, my title is actually Project Manager because I manage the construction of homes from start to finish (budgets, timelines, selecting materials and finished with the clients etc) - all around it is very rewarding work when you can see a tangible outcome at the end.

Today however, I will write a little post about something that DOES have to do with decorating. I am often asked about the "photo walls" in my house and how to create them. Truthfully - there are no 'rules' - and you can have a lot of fun with them. Photo walls are collages of picture frames and any other personal memorabilia that you would like to decorate a wall with.

Here is one photo wall that I have started in my bedroom:

1. Heels or books are great substitutes for hammers.
2. Use a level. Or just eyeball it.
3. An average of three nail holes were punctured into the wall in attempt to hang one frame.

It's not yet finished - but I have started it off using all of the same colour of frames, in two different sizes. Frames can be hung horizontally or vertically, as long as the space in between the frames stay the same. Visually, I find too that it is nice to create an axis (whether horizontal or vertical) and hang the frames accordingly. Aside from the photo frames, I have hung a shadow box with castings of my kids' feet and plan to finish this wall with a large wooden letter "G" for our last name (painted in white). I am also thinking about re-creating this Pinterest idea for both boys and adding them:

You can add all sorts of things to photo walls - neat medallions, shadowboxed coins or letters, ornaments or ironwork. The wall is the limit!!

Another photo wall in my house looks like this:

Here again, I am using the same frame in different shapes and sizes and decided to hang them in a random pattern. Your picture frames can be different in shape, size and even colour, but I would then recommend sticking with the same colour of matting (or no matting in this case) to tie it together.

Your frames do no need to be new either - garage sales and thrift stored have some funky ones and a coat if spray paint can do wonders! Another great place to find frames and prints is the annual "Art from the Attic" event, held in Invermere each year.

It's really all about selecting the photos and pieces that mean the most to you, finding some complimentary frames, and then arranging them using your creative juices!


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