Tweedlebud Megan's Top 10 Must Haves
for a New Baby

July 26, 2013

Way back in the winter, when I was feeling clueless and unprepared for planning for a newborn, I asked many of my friends with kids for advice on what I should spend money on and what I should skip. I got SO MANY great tips from mamas. All through my pregnancy, they have helped prepare me more than any of the 10 books I have read! Of course, my trusty advisor, Tweedlebud Megan sent me an in depth list of tips which I have referred to several times in the last 9 months!

Tweedlebud Megan, back again! I'll do my best to give you my top ten must haves and tips, but be warned... I got a little carried away!!

1. Dresser not change table. Much more practical for later use. We put the change pad on top and have some cloth dividers inside (from Ikea) that keep diapers etc.

2. Cloths not wipes. We've found that while wipes are really convenient, a warm cloth works better and is nicer on their bum. Though we always have wipes in the drawer just in case it's a real mess and you can't get another cloth (now that we can't walk away from the table!), sometimes I just bring two cloths to be safe! You can never have enough!! I am a dork and have them designated based on colour/pattern as ones for diaper changes and ones for baths! I'm sure it doesn't really matter once they are washed...but I guess I'm weird! ha ha!

3. Change pad covers. You'll go through a lot!! It's pretty funny how suddenly consumed with poop you become! They go SO much in the beginning that it almost always gets on the cover at least once a day! I made ones out of an old bed sheet, but I found that king sized pillow cases are the perfect size. We bought a quilt and it came with 2 quilted king size pillow shams. They fit perfectly and are nice and padded. Another option if you don't want to make ones and WAY cheaper than actual change pad covers.

4. Stain remover. It will be your best friend!! I didn't know that the poo would be so gross and get all over clothes with an ugh yellow colour! I found that the shout or other removers had to much of a chemical smell for me to feel comfortable covering my baby's clothes in it! A friend from Ontario sent us the BEST one yet! It's called a "Bunch A Farmers." I know you can buy it at Home Hardware.

5. Breast pump. From what I understand, you can rent one from the health unit on a monthly basis. I found that if there were times the baby slept longer at night than expected, I was up because my boobs were going to erupt! They were literally into my armpits! It's ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! A double breast pump is much more efficient than a single as it takes a really long time to pump. It was nice to be able to get up and pump. Thankfully Olivia took a bottle without a hitch and never had trouble back and forth between either. Pray for this! What was nice was sometimes she slept long enough for them to fill back up again, and if not, I just gave her the bottle. Once you build up your milk supply a bit it'll give you a bit of freedom...if you want it! You'd be able to get out for a hair cut and not worry that baby will need you to eat.

6. Diaper cream with zinc in it. I think ours is called Sudocream. It's great, but Olivia has never really had much of a rash so we've been lucky.

7. Garbage can with a lid. We don't have a diaper genie or one of those contraptions. The idea of having all the dirty diapers in her room grossed me out. I just bought a little stainless steel one from superstore that has a lid and little foot peddle to open it. There is a bucket inside that removes and we'd just dump it once it was full. In the beginning at least once a day!! We keep it in the bathroom.

8. A wrap or carrier. I borrowed a Moby Wrap and then bought one of my own and LOVE it! I was actually pretty sad when Olivia was too heavy for it. What I really liked was that it was so adjustable and cuddly. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of but it didn't take long.

We later bought a more structured carrier. The Baby Bjorn KILLED my back after about 20 min once Olivia was older- 4 months or so. I did some research and found one that I LOVE! 

It was like the baby whisperer!! 
Here's a link to the second carrier we used- The Boba Family Carrier. There are many different ones out there. Ergo is another brand that's similar.

9. A good stroller. Let me tell you...I LOVE MY CHARIOT! However, it was $$$$$$! It might not be what you want if you aren't going to run, however the 3 big wheels are awesome in the snow and trails. I love that in the winter they can be completely contained from the weather. It just needs a heater. 
A few other friends here have a BOB stroller which is similar to the Chariot. I think a bit less $$ and still pretty sweet. They collapse much easier and can accommodate the infant car seat.

10. A dimmer switch in the baby's room. I had Bryan install one in Olivia's room and it was a dream! At night you didn't really want the light on but setting the dimmer low gave you the perfect amount of light to see.

Okay...I can't stop at 10. Sorry!

11. A baby chair of some sort. I borrowed one and it was great. If Olivia was awake, it was nice to have one more place to put her. Perfect for if you want a shower and Tom's at work!

This is what ours looks like. My sister found one on Craigslist for $10 and bought it for us before we got here! 
Also perfect for sitting beside Dad after surgery to watch hockey! ha ha!

This is the one we used at Bryan's sister in Ontario:

12. An infant carseat (not one of the 3 in 1 or 5 in one things). Having that seat remove from the car is a must!! Also, check to be sure that the straps adjust with a piece that you pull between their legs. Some don't and I can't imagine having to fight them into the seat with the straps already tight. Get the seat that goes up to the highest weight, then the baby can be in it longer. Having the bucket longer would be nice for in and out of the car but Olivia was long and out of her seat by 7 months! They are all safe, but go with the one you feel most comfortable with. Some have luna anchors that click into pieces in your car, others just have a place where the seatbelt goes through. Ours has the luna anchors and we chose it because of them too. I'm sure it's safe without them, but we just liked the idea of them.

13. Diapers. Disposable or cloth?? Bryan was not up for the laundry or cleaning of cloth so we didn't do it. Now, SO glad, the extra work would have been crazy!! We use Pampers diapers. They are about the middle line for $ and worth it. We bought the big box of Huggies at costco and just didn't like them. They were soo much like newspaper that I actually returned them! Keep your eyes open- Superstore often has them in bulk boxes... 200+ on sale. We used the Pampers Swaddlers for as long as they made them big enough and now use the Pampers Baby Dry.

Really...they just need you!!! :) :) But there are SOME things that make life at the beginning so much easier!


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