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Ice Cream Sandwiches in a Jiffy

July 19, 2013

Hi, Tweedlebud and colleague of Miss Tweedle, Rachel here!

I am part of a book club, which is really just an excuse to hang out, have dinner and chat. We are currently reading World War Z. It was our compromise after the last depressing coming of age novel. I decided to make yummy ice cream sandwiches to keep conversations going even if the novel didn't. 

Ingredients needed: 
Your favourite cookie recipe
A delicious ice cream of you choice 

Recently I have been saving 1/2 my cookie dough when I make it by making a log on wax paper, wrapping it up and throwing it in the freezer. It makes recipes like this super quick and easy, while avoiding left over cookies from a whole batch making their way onto your thighs. I put the wrapped dough on the counter for a little while before I start, then I unwrap, cut into slices and put on the pan. 

This batch didn't have chocolate chips in them, so I did a pattern with white and dark chips on 1/2 the cookies (the ones I used for the top of the sandwich). 

I then baked them until they were perfect (firm by not crumbly) and smooshed into one giant cookie in the pan (my oven is 3/4 size and doesn't fit my beautiful cookie sheets I got for my wedding) and let them cool on the rack after turning them into small cookies again.

When they are cool, scoop about 2-3 tbsp of ice cream (I chose caramel chocolate with salted caramel ripple, but plain old vanilla would do) onto a plain cookie, then gently press a chocolate chip cookie that is about the same shape and size on top. Serve immediately or put into a container in the freezer. I think they are yummier when the cookie is nice and cold too! 



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