Baby Tweedle- Week 3

August 28, 2013

Our baby girl is already 3 weeks old! This week there were a lot of tears around this place when Mr. Tweedle went back to work. But we survived and he is already back home again. Little Miss Nora is the sweetest thing. I spend all day staring at her and trying to memorize every inch of each of her tiny features because she is growing and changing so fast. It almost seems like she changes by the hour!

At our doctor appointment this week, I was one proud mama when she had gained a whole pound and 4 oz. That means she is a champion eater and we are both doing the right things to keep her going. She was also showing off for the doctor- she can already hold her head up for quite a while for someone who is only 3 weeks old!

We still have a bit of fussiness going on and the only thing that puts her into a trance and makes it go away is the exercise ball. As a result, I have been bouncing on that thing like crazy and after I stand up from it I feel like I have just been on a boat or something and feel like I am still bouncing! The good thing is that I can at least watch TV or visit with people while sitting and holding her on there. She also likes the stroller and her car seat and will settle easily if we go for a walk.

She doesn't LOVE the wrap yet, but we are working on it! I don't know if it is because of the way I am wrapping it, or what, but we will keep trying!
It seems like she has a little sleep routine during the day, although some days she decides to switch it up. She wakes up in the mornings (depending on when she was awake at night) between 7:30 and 8:30, feeds, and then goes back to sleep from about 9-10. It's nice because then I have time to get up, eat breakfast and shower and I don't have to try and do those things with her awake. Then she is awake for about an hour or so and usually happy and cooing for this whole time. I get her dressed and feed her again and she likes to lay on the rug in her nursery and kick her feet and look around. After that she has a morning nap from about 11-1 and then a second afternoon nap from about 2:30/3-5ish. Sometimes she will sleep a bit more in the evening before going to sleep at about 9 for the night. She still wakes up every 3 or so hours in the night to eat as well.

This is the routine on a good day! She has switched it up many times and a couple times she has even skipped one of her big naps all together which can make for a long day holding her and bouncing on that darn ball!! :))

I am already reading books on sleep and routines as those are the 2 things that I know I need to survive! However, so far I really can't complain. Nora is the best little baby I've ever had! That's for sure!!



  1. What books are you reading about sleeping/eating routines? I am due in December with my first and I am curious.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! Right now I am reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and it's great. I am learning a lot! I highly recommend it!


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