Nora June Niddrie has arrived!

August 14, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably heard that Baby Tweedle was born on August 6th. It's a GIRL! I guess my intuition was right after all. We are pretty smitten with the new little bundle cooing and squawking and sleeping and generally being the cutest thing ever around here! 

Here are some details about her homecoming:
Although I didn't have a hair and makeup team arrive at the hospital to get me ready for my homecoming (Can you tell?! Labour was hard, OK?! HA!) I did happen to pack a PINK POLKA DOT TOP to wear JUST like Kate and her blue polka dot dress. It was obviously a shout out to my new baby girl- pink polka dots! And, just like Will and Kate we had a troup of people waiting for us at our doorstep. Tom remarked "She's got more hair than I do!" and "She's got her mother's looks!" To which I naturally replied (in a British accent) "Well, I don't know about that!"

We are pretty much Will and Kate. 
Photo from the Daily Mail found HERE

Photo from the Daily Mail found HERE

Photo from the Daily Mail found HERE
And just like that she's a week old already!!


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