The Nursery Reveal-
How to Make a Window Pelmet Box

August 01, 2013

In honour of my due date being THIS WEEK, I am posting every day about my nursery that I have been bragging so much about!

I have seen these window vallance thingys popping up in home magazines and on Pinterest all the time lately so I decided to attempt one for the nursery. It was SO EASY to make and adds a nice touch to the windows without having long drapes or curtains. Because we are in the basement, the windows are small and I didn't want to block too much light by adding long curtains. We did end up installing a black out accordion blind to the baby's room though, in case it needs darkness to sleep! 

Here is how to make a pelmet box. (Vallances are just short pieces of fabric that hang from a rod above the drapes/window, but a pelmet box is an actual box made of wood or foam board which is mounted above the window.)
First I had to make the box out of foam board. Mine was 4 ft long and 1 ft. wide. I just got a piece of foam board and measured and cut it with my rotary cutter. I added the pieces on either end so it would stick out from the wall and taped it all together with good quality masking tape. 

In order to make it look nice a smooth and a little puffy- like something upholstered, I put a layer of quilt batting under the fabric.  
Once the board was ready, I laid it out on top of my quilt batting and desired fabric. 
I used a staple gun to staple the fabric nice and tightly to the foam board. I started with each end and folded it over the ridges and stapled it nice and closely to the base. 

Then I did the sides, stapling each side back and forth so that it stayed even. I kept checking the front side to make sure there was no puckering or stretching of the fabric. 
Lastly I folded in the corners as tightly as possible and stapled them down. 

I read on the internet several tutorials that recommended using these hooks to hang the box- it is really light. But I tried them and it fell down every time. Mr. Tweedle ended up using L brackets and screws and actually screwed right into the foam board which worked much better. 
It was hard to get a photo that wasn't so dark, due to the light coming in the window, but you get the idea! 
Here is one with our blind down. I love that it adds a little something to the boring window!


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