The Nursery Reveal-
The Whole Picture

August 02, 2013

Well, here it is! I love it! Sometimes when I am talking on the phone, I'll go and sit in the chair in there and look around adoringly. I can't wait until I am rocking a baby in that chair or watching a baby sleep blissfully in the crib. I had so much fun decorating it all, I don't know what to do with myself now!

I used the patterns I made from the pillows to embroider little animal pictures onto white fabric and then just took scraps from my quilt and put them into more embroidery hoops to create this look. 

I used some cute pom pom trim in the right mint colour and hot glued it to the edge of a lamp I already had. 

Tweedlebud Megan made us this blanket with coordinating fabric to go with the foxes!
Lots of people have given us toys! Including a whole bag of hand me downs from Tweedlebud Lainey!
I just LOVE the bookshelf full of all the sentimental books from the baby shower. I still need something to go in the frame on the top shelf and I'm going to get some baby's breath for the vase. 

The vintage book covers turned out so well also. I picked 3 of my faves, scanned the covers and had them printed and popped them in Ikea frames. 

I hope you liked it!! 



  1. TweedleBud Lainey3 August 2013 at 10:28

    It really came together, Miss Tweedle! The new baby will love it.

  2. Gorgeous Nursery! Little Nora Niddrie Is lucky to have such a beautiful room and adoring parents!

  3. Miss Tweedle!! What a wonderful, dear nursery! You can feel the love in the hands that created and crafted this place of welcome for a little baby! ... yes, I realize I'm late in and the "baby" is now much older. Nevertheless,as a mother myself and as the author of Thornton Burgess' biography Nature's Ambassador, I must especially commend your superb decorative tastes using the darling Burgess book covers, . I was recently sharing a writerly conversation with your mother Elinor and am so pleased she suggested I check out your site.
    All the best!!
    Christie Lowrance
    Sandwich, Massachusetts


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