Tweedlebud Lainey's Spider Dogs

August 05, 2013

Hello Tweedle Fans! Tweedlebud Lainey, back again!

I promise, I don't only serve hot dogs to my children! (The last time I wrote about something food related, it was hot dogs too. I'm not in a rut, I promise!) This isn't a recipe, no difficult steps to follow, just a method!- a little extra fun in the kitchen when serving lunch or dinner to the kids.

When my brother, sister and I were little, nothing would get us more excited than when mom announced she would be making these... We would gobble vegetables! Stuff ourselves with fruit! Drink our milk! You name it... Anything to get a SPIDER DOG! It was the ultimate party food, the main request when we had friends over for play dates, and I remember it being a ton of fun to eat. In our eyes, our mother was a food magician! Recently, I've started making them for my kids to add a little extra POP! to the basic boiled hot dog.

1) Put a pot of water on the stove and turn it to high until it comes to a boil.
2) Take desired number of hot dogs and slice them lengthwise from the end, until you've gone about one third of the way up the hot dog

3) Give the hot dog a quarter turn and slice again (same end, same distance)
4) Repeat steps on other end of hot dog (after this step, each end of the hot dog should have four sections and the middle should still remain intact) 

5) Once you have a rolling boil (this is dignified cooking!) add hot dogs
6) Wait in suspense... the magic is happening!

7) After desired cook time, remove hot dogs from water and .... SPIDER DOGS 

8) Serve and let the fun begin! 

Hope you and yours enjoy this as much as mine!

Tweedlebud note: Usually parents can be found at parties, BBQs, and meals slicing food into small portions for wee little mouths, ESPECIALLY HOT DOGS (AKA the perfect choking hazard). Spider dogs, with their eight little legs are ready to go... No choking prevention required! (Except the usual reminder to eat slowly.)


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