Tweedlebud Megan's Nursery for Baby #2

August 09, 2013

Update: Tweedlebud Megan had a BIG, beautiful baby girl named Georgia on July 15, 2013 weighing in at 10lbs 5oz! 

Hi Again! It’s me, Tweedlebud Megan! You might remember that like Miss Tweedle I too am expecting... really any moment now, we’re 40 + 2days! I thought that I’d share with you a few of the things that we’ve put into our nursery.

This time round we decided not to find out the gender of our baby. This made making any decisions about the nursery decor very difficult! My husband got giraffes stuck in his head since that’s what he remembers from his childhood bedroom. I wasn’t so set on it at first...our versions of a giraffe differed quite a bit. His idea: the cartoon giraffe, mine much more of a classic giraffe. Eventually we made it work.

Here’s what we came up with.

We started with this picture from an etsy painting that, well, we didn’t buy. My talented sister painted it for us instead and we were able to pick our own colours!

From there I needed another colour. While out shopping I saw this frame and thought- yes, blue! The perfect place for a picture of baby's big sister!!

Word of the giraffe theme spread and Miss Tweedle made us this really cute pillow!

The last piece of ‘giraffe’ is THE GIRAFFE! I noticed in a photo album of ours a picture of my husband's childhood room with the giraffe. It was painted on the wall by his mom with the body being a chalkboard. So, I enlisted my sister's help and she painted a smaller version of it onto canvas. Bryan was shocked!! He loves it.

Here are some other shots of things around the nursery....which doesn’t quite feel finished yet as it’s big enough to share with my sewing table. I’m sure the table will eventually leave the room, but for now it’s there! I’m pretty sure baby won’t complain! 

I made the quilt and extra crib pillows. 
Scored the perfect rug at Home Sense! 

Olivia picked out the bunny as a gift for the baby. There was no talking her into anything but a else, since that’s what she sleeps with!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the room and even happier now that there is a baby sleeping peacefully in it!!

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  1. What a darling room for a beloved little one. Great job. Thanks for sharing.


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