Baby Tweedle- Five Weeks Old

September 11, 2013

So you are saying little Nora J is already over a month old?!! This week has been my most relaxed week so far. I think I am finally over the hump of holyshitIhaveababy and omgwhatthehelldoIdo and oweverythinghurtsandIjustneedamoment. The last 5 weeks have been so exciting, but crazy and emotional and overwhelming too. Nora is such a good baby that I really can't complain, but motherhood is a shock to the system at first! I have finally felt relaxed enough to have more than one outing every day and get together with friends often. I can finally confidently use that blasted nursing cover and feed Nora wherever I need to and officially have diapers and baby things spilling out of my purse at all times. 

Do you recognize the onesie from the baby shower?

I celebrated Nora's 5 week birthday by going and getting a fitness centre membership. (I guess it is time I try and stop stuffing cakes and cookies in my face and get off my butt!) I feel energized enough to entertain the idea of actually using that membership and leaving Nora for an hour a few times a week to work out. I'd say that's something to celebrate, considering what my body has gone through in the last month.

This week was pretty special around here, because Nora is officially giving me big gummy grins from ear to ear when I get her out of bed or play with her on the floor. It has to be the cutest thing ever and I don't think another baby has EVER looked as cute as her when she smiles. I have yet to capture one of the big ones on camera. You would think that taking 87000 pictures a day would do that, but nope. This girl saves the smiles just for mama and she's not sharing yet! I'm ok with that :)

Nora and I are fighting a nap battle this week that I am determined to win. She has decided that I am not to put her in her bed for naps. Nope, no sir-ee. She will only nap if she is being held. I am paranoid that if I hold her while she sleeps that we will create a bad sleep habit so I spend a good part of every day bouncing her on the ball, rocking her, singing to her, making sure she is sound asleep and then placing her ever so carefully in bed only to see her eyes pop wide open! And then we start all over again! It usually takes me about 3 times of this little routine of ours before she will finally stay asleep in bed. By this time, an hour has gone by and she no longer thinks she needs to nap! It's making me a little crazy, but I guess worse things could happen. Many times I am tempted to give in and lay down in front of the TV with her on my chest and just let her nap there, but I AM THE BOSS gosh darn it and I want her to nap in her bed... and so it continues. At least she doesn't do it at night and I wake up with the energy to fight off no-nap-nora everyday. If all else fails, we go for walks and she falls asleep in the stroller and I keep my sanity. 

I think I sent this photo to everyone on the planet, I thought it was just so darn cute. This is her, "mom it's raining, why are we going for a walk? and I told you I wasn't napping today" face. Also, I'm in love with that toque and I need one in every colour and size!!
The many poses of Nora. My latest obsession is following and searching for cute baby clothing and accessory shops on Etsy. I have a pretty good line up of things I am dying to buy for her, so stay tuned for an influx of photos of her wearing cute headbands and bows!!
There are many a young mama with a baby around these parts and my goal for the next few weeks is to try and get together with some of them for regular "play dates" aka "moms sit around and drink coffee/wine dates"!! If you are in Invermere and want to take part, let me know!


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