Baby Tweedle- Seven Weeks Old

September 25, 2013

Little Nora is growing so fast it is scary! I spent some time organizing all her clothes recently and have already had to put away the newborn things! She is wearing 3 month clothing :)) We are heading into the city this week to do some visiting and I plan on looking for a few fall/winter items for Nora. She needs a jacket or sweater and some more long sleeved shirts and pants. The weather is getting cooler!

I still can't get enough of this toque! She is growing out of it already though! :( Must get another!
We did lots of visiting this week as my dad was here and Nana Tweedle is home now- she has been away for the summer. We also went out for dinner both nights of the weekend and Nora had lots of people lining up to hold her!

Grandpa Tweedle
Napping on the fly!- Nana Tweedle's couch.

Hanging out with Auntie Janine!

Uncle Casey needs some practice holding babies...
Always the center of attention!
I am learning to let go of my need for routine as I was driving myself crazy trying to force one and expect one! One day we will have a routine, but right now it is unrealistic to try and have one. Each day I wake up thinking that I will just do whatever Nora wants to do! It's going much better. She takes 3-4 naps a day, usually 2 shorter ones and 1 long one. She is still a great little eater and she is becoming more and more fun to play with everyday as she is now responding to my facial expressions more. She still likes to lay on the floor and kick her feet and look around. She coos and smiles like crazy and I ALMOST heard a giggle! It was a big coo with a smile.. :)

Putting Nora down in her bed to sleep is still a bit of a struggle. She always cries when I put her in bed awake. She is crying real tears now so it makes it even harder to see her cry! I have given into rocking her or cuddling her to sleep a little more. I figure that I will do a more strict sleep training routine when she is older if I have to. 
Napping with Uncle Nick
We are going on 2 road trips in the next couple of weeks, so I hope she is a good traveller! I'll keep you posted! 

Tummy time!
Sitting on the couch like a big girl!
Nora says: "Talk to you next week when I'm 8 weeks old!"


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