Baby Tweedle- Six Weeks Old

September 18, 2013

This week Nora and I have enjoyed more of the same- walks every day, laying on the floor cooing, funny faces, singing songs, cuddling and visiting with friends. Somehow the days just slip away. When you are only awake for a few hours a day, there isn't much a girl can accomplish! However, she did have her 6 week check up at the doctor's and she is now a whopping 10lbs 1oz and 23 inches long! That means she has grown 3 whole inches since she was born! That is just mind boggling to me!

I have also begun to put her down for naps and bedtime awake but sleepy and the result is that I have to listen to a little crying. Things are improving slowly. I could not sit on the exercise ball anymore!! She is getting to the point where she fusses a little before falling asleep as long as I can catch her at the optimal window for sleepiness. If not, she will full on cry and then I pick her up and cuddle her and put her back down as many times as it takes for her to drift off. Sometimes it is lots of times and sometimes just once or twice. It has been a challenge as I would love to just let her sleep on my chest all day long, but she doesn't sleep well doing that and I feel like I need a little break from holding her sometimes too. I also want her to learn to self soothe as much as she can as early as possible.

Sometimes she still ends up napping on my lap :)
The little monkey still will not go in her swing, bouncy chair or any of the wraps or carriers I have tried. I am lucky that she loves the stroller and her car seat because I like taking her for walks. She also likes laying on the couch beside me or the bed or the floor and looking around. She kicks her feet like mad and we have too many adorable videos of her doing the same thing over and over!

She has been a champion sleeper at night! In the last 10 days or so, we have only been getting up once every night. She goes to bed about 8:30 and typically gets up around 3:30-4 and then at 7ish and goes right back to sleep each time until about 9 am. I feel human again after having several nights of 6 hour stretches. It is also nice that I am feeling more rested because Mr. Tweeds and I can spend some time together in the evenings after she goes to bed. I don't feel like I have to sleep the second she does. Fingers crossed she keeps it up!

Reading books at bedtime
I am ready to move her into her own room and her crib now, but I am going to wait until after we take a little trip to the coast in a few weeks. She will be sleeping in her bassinet on the trip, so I am just going to wait until after that to fully put away the bassinet and then she will be all grown up! :))

Look at me sitting up!

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