Galette- A GREAT Summer Dessert

September 23, 2013

Over the last couple of months, these tasty looking rustic pies have been popping up everywhere I look- on blogs, magazines and all over Pinterest. I have always liked the look of these pies and meant to try making them many times and finally took the plunge. The result was so good and much easier than a regular pie. 

Here's how you do it!

First you have to make your favourite pie crust. I used Nana Tweedle's recipe which is really easy. Start with 5 cups of flour, 1 TSP salt and 1lb of shortening. Combine together with a pastry cutter, or if you are like me, use your food processor to make it easier! When that is combined, the shortening should be crumbled evenly into the flour. 
Next, crack an egg into a 1 cup measuring cup... 
And add 1 TBSP of vinegar and fill the rest with ice cold water. 
Add the wet to the dry just a little at a time until you have dough. I use my hands for this as I have found it is the easiest way. 
Shape into 3 medium sized balls and put in the fridge to chill. You can also freeze them. 1 1/2 balls will make a traditional pie, but for the galette, I used 1 ball. 
While the pastry is chilling, prepare your fruit. I just threw in what I had in the fridge, which was raspberries, strawberries and nectarine. You can use any fruit- pears, apples, any berries, rhubarb....whatever! Combine about 4 cups of fruit with 2 TBSP of corn starch and 3/4 cup sugar. 
Take your pastry and roll out. I did mine on parchment because I planned to bake the pie on it. 
Roll it out to about 1/4 in thickness- a rustic looking circle is fine.  
Dump your fruit into the center of the pastry.
Carefully fold over the pastry around the edges of the fruit. It may rip, but you can patch it up with extra pieces or pinch it together where needed. 
Lastly, brush it with egg and sprinkle with sugar. The egg helps seal up those places that ripped! It is supposed to look rustic and un-perfect!
Bake at 350 for 35-40 mins until browned and fruit is bubbly. Let it sit for about an hour before cutting so the fruit doesn't run out everywhere.  
This was TO DIE FOR! 


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