Tweedlebud Michelle's Side Table Makeover

September 16, 2013

Hello! New Tweedlebud Michelle, here! Miss Tweedle and I were roomies at the University in Calgary way back in the day...
I moved to the Netherlands in September 2012 to go back to school. Knowing that I would only be here for two years and working on a student’s budget when it came to outfitting my small studio apartment, the ‘kringloop’ aka second hand store was my main shopping stop. Inspired by Miss Tweedle and other DYI blogs my initial thoughts were that I would have lots of time to jazz up my worn, mismatched furniture between my studies. It turns out that doing a Master’s is hard and while my furniture is cleaner than when I bought it, it is otherwise exactly the same. Once summer vacation came and I found myself without a summer job I realized that I had time to take on some of the furniture face-lift projects I was hoping to undertake. The first was to refinish the used, red, Lack Ikea side table that I use as a bedside table. Red is not my colour, so I was originally just planning on painting it black. However, as I am trying to learn Dutch I thought it would be neat to Mod Podge pages from a Dutch book on the top instead.

After a confusing conversation in Dutch with the lady at the used book store to secure a cheap Dutch book I got to the sanding to take off the red finish of the table. The many (many) DYI blogs I read stated that it was imperative to sand the Lack finish if you stand any chance of success in refinishing it. 

After sanding away, and inhaling more red powder than I probably should have, I gave the table a clean and started gluing the pages from the Dutch book onto the table top. Because Modge Podge is quite expensive here I decided to use spray glue to glue the pages onto the table and then just Modge Podge the top. This may have been a mistake. I glued pages to the edges first (without gloves) and managed to get stuck to everything and quickly ran out of glue. Therefore my lovely boyfriend ran off to the local store to get me more glue, gloves and a face mask while I tried to remove the glue from my hands and primed the legs.

Learning from my first experience I used less spray glue and managed to get the pages on the table top without further trouble (or cans of glue). I did two coats of Mod Podge on top of the pages, followed by two coats of varnish. Unfortunately because I didn’t Mod Podge the whole thing there were some air bubbles – but overall they settled pretty well and I was happy with the final product. 

I gave the legs two coats of black paint. After realizing how much the spray paint dripped if I painted the whole leg at once, I decided to spray only one side at the time – which gave a much more even coat of paint and resulted in less awkward sanding in between. Once the paint was dry I applied two coats of varnish on the legs to try and protect them from scratches and voila- all done!


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