Baby Tweedle- Eleven Weeks Old

October 23, 2013

It's been a big week around here! Baby Tweedle decided that she knows how to hold her head up! Whether she is on her tummy or sitting up on someone's lap, she can now look confidently from side to side or up and down without needing support. It's like she is in a whole new world, looking around all the time. She doesn't have to just lay there and look at the ceiling or rely on someone to turn her in the direction she wants to look. All of a sudden, she looks so much more grown up!

As the days and weeks go by I find myself becoming more and more attached to Nora. I get excited when she wakes up from her naps so I can run to the crib and look over the side and see her looking back at me. I miss her even when I don't see her for an hour!

She gets more fun to be around all the time now that she interacts with us that much more. She smiles like crazy and even lets out a tiny giggle sometimes. She coos at us everyday and kicks her feet excitedly when we play with her and look over her. Many an afternoon is spent on the floor with a pile of books and toys entertaining Nora. And that's another thing that she loves doing now- reading books! And by "she loves doing", I mean "I love doing"... but Nora does sit there contentedly and look at the pictures and listen to a story :)

She is just perfect in every way! 


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