Baby Tweedle- Ten Weeks Old

October 16, 2013

Phew! It has been a very busy few weeks! Baby Tweeds and I have been on the go non-stop visiting and sightseeing and shopping up a storm. I have to say that the little miss is quite the trooper! We spent 10 days out on the coast in Vancouver and Qualicum Beach and visited a total of 8 different houses! It was a lot of fun to introduce Nora to some of her relatives and friends and I especially liked getting to meet the 2 new babies belonging to some of my dear Tweedlebuds! 

Glad to be home in my own room!
Hangin' with Opa
It was a 10 hour drive each way and Nora did so well. She slept a lot and only cried for maybe 30 minutes each way! It's actually unbelievable how well she did! She sure loves sleeping in her car seat and stroller. Every day she would have 3-4 hour naps while we were on the go. She went lots of places that she didn't even see because she was too busy snoozing! 

Meeting Baby Tala. Tweedlebud Kristi is home visiting from Norway!

Nora gets cuter and bigger and does more fun things every day. I love to kiss her little cheeks constantly and hold her in my lap, bounce her up and down, walk her around the house, sing to her, talk to her, look at her and tell her I love her. Sometimes I wonder what I did before she was around. I think everything she does is the cutest thing I have ever seen, but some things I just can't get enough of. Whenever I look over her crib when she wakes up, I am greeted with a giant smile from ear to ear. When she coos and talks I get a glimpse of those cute little gums and while she nurses she wraps her tiny fingers around my thumb or grabs onto the neck of my shirt. 

Mama and Mini matching in our neon pink
Thanksgiving with Auntie and Uncle
She has started to do what I am calling "crazy baby"- when she really gets going with her kicks, she gets a determined look in her eyes and her feet go like crazy and she beats her chest like Tarzan. It is the funniest thing and I honestly can't help from laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME. I think I have 100 videos of her doing the same thing over and over! 

My little girl is growing up before my eyes and I was a little sad and a lot anxious to move her into her crib in her own room when we got back from our trip. She didn't even bat an eye though and has slept fine in there since! I can't help looking over at her basinette in our room and feel nostalgic about her no longer sleeping in it! However, Mr. Tweedle and I are enjoying not having to tip toe around our room in the evenings or when she is napping. We can watch TV in bed again or read with the lights on. 

Poor Nora had her first cold last week and it sent me into an absolute state of panic. I keep telling myself- I AM NOT A WORRIER... but apparently I am! She coughed on and off all night one night and had the sniffles and I just about made myself sick with worry over it. I called the nurses hotline, our family doctor and sent frantic texts to all my friends with kids asking them if she was going to live. Thankfully, everyone assured me that this is one of many colds my baby will get and that SHE IS FINE. And she was. But holy cow, Batman, she scared me for a while there ;)

I am happy to be home and we only have to endure 2 more weeks of Mr. T being away for work and then we will finally get to be all together every day. I cannot wait. I'm also going to start creating a little bit more of a routine for Nora and I. I plan to start going to the gym and trying to get her naps on more of a schedule. She is getting old enough that we might be able to hope for some kind of pattern evolving as the next few weeks and months come and go. 

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


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