Mama Tweedle's Arm Chair Re-Do

October 18, 2013

I bought this old armchair at a second-hand shop many years ago. I always liked the shape and the comfort level, but it was long past its prime.

I had to choose between getting rid of it, and rendering it into a thing of beauty. I chose the latter.

Before taking it to an upholsterer, I decided to paint the woodwork myself.

I turned the chair upside down and balanced it on an old cardboard box, and sanded off the rough patches. I didn’t both stripping the whole thing because I hoped the paint would cover the old stain.

Then I primed the wood with Kilz primer from Home Hardware.

The arms, being the most heavily carved, were the biggest challenge. I hung them from the corner of a shelf with a string so they would dry without being touched.

Then I applied multiple coats of cream-coloured spray paint, I think seven or eight, with an entire day of drying between each one. I used Beauti-Tone spray paint from Home Hardware. When I was satisfied that the paint had covered all my sins, I dropped it off at the upholsterer. The finished product was everything that I had hoped for.

Tweedle Tip: It’s tempting to cover all the old wood at once when you are painting woodwork. But when the instructions tell you to apply several thin coats, they do mean THIN. Each coat should barely mist the surface. Eventually the colour starts to build up and you have a thick glossy layer at the very end.



  1. Love this! It looks beautiful! Was the upholstery very expensive? I've always wanted to try doing this, but was scared that it would cost an arm and a leg ;)


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