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October 21, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm back!

For the last 2 months I have been posting only once a week with baby updates and the other posts have been ones from the "bank" done by Tweedlebuds long before baby Nora rocked my world. I have officially run out of banked posts and so I am here and ready to take on a new whack of DIY projects, recipes and crafts that have been dancing around in my head!

It was nice to take a little break from all this DIY stuff, however, it wasn't much of a choice as there is no way I had the time to do anything until now. Nora is finally going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping much longer at night leaving me with evenings free and feeling more rested to be able to conquer some of the projects I have been thinking about.

Here is my list!

1. The FRAME. I have been wanting to do something with this frame for over a year now. I was so excited when I got it as I have always liked the look of these. I originally thought I would float one of our wedding photos that was printed on canvas inside it, but recently I came up with a better idea. I am going to spray paint it glossy pale pink and put one of Nora's newborn photos in it for either her nursery (the pop of pink!) or our bedroom.

2. The CHAIR. When we did our bedroom, I had it in mind that I would create a little sitting area in it as there is a ton of room in there. Our bed is a queen size and it looks pretty puny in the big open room. I thought (and still think...) a sitting area would be a nice addition. Nora likes playing on the floor in there and looking in the big mirrors, so I end up sitting in there a lot. I have had an old chair sitting in the basement for quite a while now and have always meant to have it recovered. Mama Tweedle scored it at an estate sale for next to nothing and she didn't end up having a use for it. I snagged it from her and now think it will be the perfect funky addition to our bedroom. I plan to recover it with something fairly dramatic! Stay tuned!

3. The CHALKBOARD. Remember THE chalkboard I used so much during my pregnancy? Well, it still says "40 weeks" on it. I haven't touched the thing since then! I wish I had continued taking weekly pictures of Nora with the chalkboard but I kinda lost steam with it. I am planning to find a fun quote to put on it and hang it in Nora's room. I'll change the quotes sporadically, depending on the season!

4. The HEADBANDS. I am obsessed with looking at baby headbands on Etsy. I have favourited about 20 shops carrying all sorts of bows, wraps or knotted headbands but have yet to make the plunge and actually buy some. I keep thinking that I should be able to make them myself. I am waiting for a whole bunch of headband supplies to come in the mail and then the fun begins. Be prepared to be bombarded with photos of Nora wearing all sorts of adorable bows and ribbons!

5. The SCRAPBOOK. Before Nora was born I started a baby book for her which was a fill in the blank type book I got from Chapters. I have kept up with it and it will be a lovely keepsake for her. It includes lots of little details about my pregnancy and her birth as well as spaces for both Tom and I to write about her. It goes all the way up to her 5th birthday with a page for each month of her first year and then one for each birthday up to the 5th year! However, there isn't a lot of space for photos and god knows I have been taking hundreds. I want to do something with them besides just having them on the computer and instagram, so I am planning to begin a scrapbook for her which will also include her hospital memorabilia, journal entries that I have written to her and other things like that. I have been following this blogger (Listgirl) for a while now and she does "project life" scrapbooks which are super neato! Check them out if you are interested.

6. The VIDEO. As well as having several photo shoots of Nora per day, I have also been taking at least one video of her a day. I plan to put them all together into some sort of compilation of 365 days of Nora or something for her first year. So far, I have managed to get them uploaded into iMovie weekly, but haven't gone past that! I got the idea from this super cool video.

7. The MOBILE. I never did get a mobile for Nora's crib. I always meant to do something about that and now that she is looking around much more. I think she would enjoy having one. So, goshdarnit, I'm going to make her one! I don't know how or when... but it's on the list :)

8. The RECIPES. I have seriously been missing cooking and baking these last couple of months. In total I think I have pulled off two (TWO!) home cooked meals for Tom and I. That is it!! I find cooking and grocery shopping with Nora around the hardest thing because she wants to be held and played with a lot in the evenings. Supper time is also not the time she feels like napping! I have been lucky to have had lots of meals in the freezer to pull out for us and with Tom gone a lot of the time, I have eaten a lot of eggs and toast,  grilled cheese sandwiches and KD- anything I can just whip up in a few mins. His job will be over soon and I am determined to get the hang of getting back into the kitchen with the little miss around. I've got lots of recipes saved to try out so be ready for a food blog overload coming atcha!

Aside from all those things, there are also things on the list like GET IN SHAPE and SLEEP TRAIN Nora... but really, when there are crafts and baking to be done... those are minor details :))


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