Tweedlebud Michelle's Side Table Re-do #2

October 07, 2013

After taking on the mod podge bedside table I was excited to get working on our coffee table. I am proud to say that this coffee table was part of a €50 euro ‘kringloop’ (thrift store) purchase which also included a dining table, a side table, two solid wooden chairs and delivery! Although it is our hardest working table it always kind of creeped me out because no matter how much I washed it the cloth would always pick up some of the varnish or wood stain – so I was eager to refinish it. I decided to paint it black but I didn’t want it to be just plain black (too boring) so I thought I would make a stencil of a tree and let the natural wood shine through. 

After thinking about items to use for a stencil I thought that if I used the plastic press on ‘tiles’ that are common for bathrooms here that I could cut out the design for the tree I wanted and then just wet and stick the stencil to the table. Unfortunately when I tested the material on the bottom of the table I found that as soon as I used the spray on primer it rolled and lifted off the table. I had already spent lots of time cutting out the stencil so I decided (after testing a spot on the table) to glue the stencil to the table and then just wash off the glue when I pulled it off.

After sanding the table I glued the stencil on. I sprayed on one coat of primer and then with a foam roller applied two coats of black letting each coat dry for at least a day in between.

Then the exciting part – I peeled off the stencil. Unfortunately, as I suspected, some of the paint had bled under the stencil. I used a wet paintbrush and went over the tree to remove the glue and any paint I could get off. I decided not to try and get all the paint off because I was scared I would ruin the silhouette of the tree, and I kind of like the pattern it ended up leaving – I think it looks a little like a cherry blossom tree! 

Finally I applied three coats of clear matte vanish to the entire table (again letting it dry for a day between each coat). After I finished, as per suggestions from DIY bloggers, I let it sit and set for a week before we used it again. I’m really happy with the final product. Not only does the table wipe clean – but my boring ‘70s furniture is a little more modern!


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