Baby Tweedle- 13 Weeks Old

November 06, 2013

Little Nora is 3 months old today! Someone asked us the other day when people stop referring to their baby's age in weeks and when it just becomes months. I guess that would be right around now, but for the record, I am going to keep posting weekly updates with Nora's age in weeks because I want a full year's worth of weekly posts! Apparently though, from now on, when I see someone on the street, I'll just say that she is "3 months old" :))

As you can see from the photos above, she is pretty much obsessed with her hands! They are always in her mouth, but she hasn't started sucking her thumb at all. I am still not sure if she knows that her hands are hers to control. Sometimes it seems like she is reaching for things, and sometimes it just seems like a coincidence that she manages to grab something or find her mouth. She hasn't looked or studied her hands yet like you see some babies doing. 
I can't get enough of her in this cat costume. It was so much fun dressing up with my little kitten on Halloween!

Nora's favourite activities at 3 months old are baths, kicking her feet on her rug or her play mat, sucking on her hands, sitting on someone's lap and looking from side to side and smiling from ear to ear. We rarely hear her cry for any reason other than that she is tired and this week we have started a little bit o' cry it out. It's not pleasant for Mr. T and me but we know it is right for our family to have her self soothe and be able to find ways to fall asleep on her own, so we are powering through it. After 2 days, I am already seeing an improvement and all the anxiety I had about doing it in the first place has gone away. She's a fast learner that Nora!

Before we decided to "sleep train" Nora, I must have talked to 10 friends with kids, read several books and scoured the internet for stories and blogs about sleep training. Some people are the kind that can just go blindly ahead with something (ie. parenting in general) but I am not one of those. Mostly for curiosity's sake, I like to hear stories from all angles because I find it interesting and helpful. After all this reading and discussing, EVERYONE has told me their stories and then said, "but do what's right for you". I have heard this so many times since becoming a parent and it bugs me! If I knew what was right for me, I wouldn't be asking! However, I know that doling out parenting advice is a bit of a no, no, but for future reference, I think, if someone is ASKING you for advice, help them, don't just say "do what's right for you!" 

I am really enjoying being home with Nora every day and I can't imaging only having 3 months of mat leave like some places. It seems far too early to leave her and think about going back to work. It already makes me a bit nervous thinking about going back after a YEAR! I keep thinking, well no fair- she'll be walking then! and starting to talk! and starting to play real games! and someone ELSE will be with her for those things?!
Here is Nora, me and Mama Tweedle all at 3 months old. What a resemblance! Poor Mama Tweedle had to go back to work when I was only 12 weeks old. I am so lucky I get to stay home with Nora.
Here's another comparison of Nora and me. We have the same eyebrows and Mama Tweedle says her furrowed brow when she is concentrating on something is just like I used to do. 
People ask me "so what have you been up to?" and the only answer I can give them is "hanging out with Nora" because that is really all I do. When she is awake, we "hang out"- play on the floor, read books, look out the window, sometimes go for a walk, I might have a coffee or two- we're just besties hangin' out! When she is sleeping, I do housework, read, work on a few little craft projects here and there and think about Nora. It's a pretty simple and sweet little life I am living right now. 

We had her 3 month check up yesterday and everything is a-OK. She is growing like a weed and packing on the pounds and hitting those milestones like a champ! We are still pretty darn smitten! 


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