Baby Tweedle- 15 Weeks Old

November 20, 2013

This little drool monster is already 3 and a HALF MONTHS OLD!
One of my favourite times of the day is first thing in the morning with Nora. She wakes up at about 7am and I feed her in her nursery and then bring her into our bed while we drink our coffee. She giggles and smiles and cuddles with us and we sit there staring at her for a whole uninterrupted hour until she is ready for another nap. 
My second favourite time of the day is just after supper before it is time to start getting Nora ready for her bath and bed. The three of us play on the rug in her room. We all lay on the floor and listen to music, sing, read stories and watch our little cutie. 
Nora is now an expert toe grabber! She can even get them in her mouth! EVERYTHING goes in her mouth these days. 
I am dying over the cuteness of this outfit. The little fashionista got it from our friend Jodi who bought it in Paris! 

I think this is one of my favourite pictures of Nora yet. She looks so happy and sweet and funny and I love the way she is looking at the camera... and THAT OUTFIT!
Everyday Nora and I go upstairs for a visit with Nana Tweedle. Nana gets her Nora fix and sometimes we have tea. She tells me about all the things she did with her babies. It was a little different back then, beuase she didn't even have running water until Mama Tweeds was in Grade 9!
My little sunshine, smiling away
I bought this little sweater at a second hand shop a while ago and just put it on Nora for the first time. I think I found a top that is going to be in serious rotation for the holidays!! It looks so adorable on her and I can just picture how festive it will be with red leggings and a green and red headband!
In the last couple of days, Nora has decided that she wants to join EVERY conversation we are having. It is the funniest thing. She constantly gaaaaaas and gooooos and goes aahhhggghhhhhhhhhhh. For some reason, we have decided that to include her in the convo, we are to do it back to her which has resulted in all three of us going aghhhhhggggggaaaaaa all day long!
We are trying to put Nora on her tummy more often. She doesn't cry, but she sure grunts up a storm when she sits like that. She prefers it on her back, but I know it is important for baby's back muscles if they are on their tummy. 
We have not been able to get Nora to take a bottle up until yesterday! We tried everything recommended to us- different bottles, doing it when I am out, holding her in different positions, milk temperatures, etc. And then yesterday, I went to the gym and came home and this is what I saw! She drank the whole thing! I am glad because it means that we might be able to sneak away a little more often without worrying. Before I would only go out to the gym or to do errands when it worked between feedings and naps. Now I don't have to worry too much about that!
Today is my 30th birthday and I couldn't be happier to celebrate it with my little monkey (and Mr. Tweedle too, of course!) Here we are having a pre-birthday wine and kick-sesh last night! :))


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